Transcripts of Alexia Harper meet the team

(Music) Alexia Harper: I started of with the design effort. So a lot of it was working with designers, working on the computer, working with analysts and really getting the design and the structure down so that when we went to build it, we'd have confidence that it worked. A lot of time, recently has been spent preparing for our observatory testing. Our vibration testing of the whole observatory, making sure we understand the limits of the hardware so we don't over test it. And then figuring out how to get the observatory down into the test facilities, because it's such a big spacecraft that it really pushes the envelope of what Goddard typically processes. I've really enjoyed the team that we have on GPM and I enjoy the broader aspects of meeting people with different expertise and sort of putting the whole picture together and seeing it all come together, and how it takes so many people to really make this satellite function, and to make it a reality. (sfx raindrops) (beeping)