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[ Music ] Hi, my name is Mark Fiebig. I am the propulsion lead engineer for the GPM spacecraft. One of the interesting parts of working on GPM has been the coordination with our Japanese partners. Especially the propellant loading engineers that are working with my team to load the propellant on the spacecraft and to do high pressure testing at the Japanese launch site. We've developed a very strong relationship with that group, sharing lessons learned from our work and they've been sharing lessons learned from their work as well. It's been a very productive relationship. It's been great working on GPM project, my propulsion team is amazing, and they've been very dedicated the entire time. and it hasn't been the easiest work with all the ups and downs. The difficult technology development that we did over the past five years, more than that, ten years. Has been difficult but enjoyable and I think everybody has done a great job. [ SFX: Rain ] [ SFX: Beam of light ] [ SFX: Beeping ]