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(Jazz music) I've been at Goddard approximately 11 years. I've been on GPM for about 3 to 4 years. I lead the quality assurance and the safety assurance team, on GPM primarily for the instruments but I also have the role of that as well at the launch site. When I first came on the project I was working with Ball Aerospace on getting the GMI assembled and shipped over here to Goddard. We went to a manufacturer to get the main reflector coded. We saw their were stripes along the face of the main reflector so we had to go not only go back, and resurface it, but we actually had to remove that old surface to put on and prep it for a new surface. When it finally came out, and we finally saw it we were like "wow!" It was a pristine coding, exactly how we've seen it in the past in other projects on other dishes. And we were just ecstatic. (rain drops) (beeping)