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(Music) I'm in charge of developing requirements and the design and the implementation and tests of the flight software. During the early phase of the mission, part of our challenge is to gather requirements from the guidance navagation control, from the thermal subsystems, from the power subsystems and then as the mission goes forward, we are then during intergration and test of the spacecraft it gets even more challenging 'cause now we're... we simulate things in our flight software lab. So we only can verify as much as the simulation allows us to. Then when we get to the real spacecraft and flat sat, that's when the rubber kinda hits the road. After we ship we're going to run a comprehensive performance test in Tanegashima. and then we'll re-run it here at Goddard so we can verify that everything preforms as expected before and after and that certainly has an element of excitement, and it is for me too. It's very neat to work on an international project. (SFX: Rain) (SFX: Sun Ray Gleam) (SFX: Isolated Raindrops) (SFX: Beeping)