Transcripts of Carlton Peters Meet the Team

(Music) Carlton Peters: I'm definitely looking forward to a launch. This will actually be the first mission that I've gotten to see, kind of from the PDR time-frame preliminary design time-frame, all the way through to launch. We basically deal with the day-to-day activities in I.T. And we are wrapping up a lot of our analytical cases for on orbit. We performed our thermal vac test, which is our big thermal test, kind of out of sequence of what we normally do. Usually it's the last of the environmental test. The thermal vac test involves pretty much every subsystem. It's the biggest most involved test. It ran for roughly a month and a half. The challenge of doing it first is that as we move forward in our other environmental tests, not necessarily disturbing the integrity of our thermal design, as we move forward and have to change some things on the spacecraft. Once we get on orbit we start getting data and all the science information comes back, and all the thermal design comes in and things look great, that will be a great rewarding experience. (sfx raindrops) (beeping)