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Click My name is Julie Ann|Rivera-Perez and I work as a|contract speicalist for the GOES-R Flight Project|at NASA. Music Back in the beginning I remember I was in Puerto Rico when I got|the call from the Co-Op Program Manager, and I remember her telling me "this|is the call you have been|waiting for..." I was very excited and from there the rest is history,|Here I am... I would have to say that's has to be the happiest moment,|the day I knew I was, I got|accepted here at NASA. It was very hard for me to leave the island, to|leave my family, my friends, everything|I knew basically my culture and come out here to|Maryland. I have never been to Maryland|before. So, I remember I was filled|with nerves and excitement at the same time, I|just couldn't wait to get my hands dirty and start|working and learning. I started out as an|intern then I was a Co-Op and I|finally got converted to a full time permanent|position. So, during that time I got to work|for the Equal Employment Office and a little|bit with the Office of Education and the|Legal Office. So, that has been lots|of cool experiences as a Co-Op. I also worked in the Industry|Assistance Office and I now work for GOES-R. It's just amazing working with|engineers and scientist and its like learning a different|language and I am also proud of the fact|that even though I work as a contract specialist,|I'm also the co-chair of the Hispanic|Advisory Committee for|employees here on center, so I advocate for|the Hispanic community on center and I meet with|senior management and the Center Director on|yearly basis to go over some issues and challenges that the|Hispanic community at NASA is facing. Goddard is a wonderful place,|that they know how to balance work and life very well. So, there's a|couple clubs here on center. I belong to the|music and drama club and I have gotten the chance to|play lead roles in two of their fall musicals. The latest one was the King and|I, which I play Tuptim. So, I get to sing, even though I am a contract specialist|during the day I'm a singer at night.| In 2010, I was already here full-time and I became ill and was alone here, I didn't|have my family. and for a while doctors they didn't know what was going|on with me and finally I went to Johns Hopkins hospital and I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos|Syndrome and chronic neutropenia,|basically your immune system is not|working, you're not producing|enough white blood cells to keep you healthy. I remember|telling my husband I need to go to the hospital,|somethings not right and I am glad I did because I went into whats called a|neutropenic septic shock at that moment when I was|hooked up to I.V. antibiotics and I was alone in|a room I realized how fragile life is It was so scary, I realized I|really have to live to my life to the fullest. I|can't waste one second of it. Ever since|then you know I'm I'm doing all these things I've|always wanted to do like play the piano, taking violin|classes I'm painting, I'm still doing|community theater, I'm singing, which is|my passion. I'm just really trying to live my life and not|let anything stop me. My parents|have really taught me to believe in my self. That's big. That's where it all starts. The one piece of advice I would|give to the next generation would be, to|never underestimate what you can|accomplish, because when you truly believe in yourself you|never ever give up. no matter what. music music music music