Transcripts of G2013-008 Welcome to Goddard 2013

(music) Time flows. Earth breathes. Deep space beckons. The Goddard Space Flight Center leads. 3,300 civil servants and more than 7,000 contractors leans into the future. In fact, we design the future. Robots repairing spacecraft? It's happening here. Precipitation research for global fresh water management and profound climate research? That's us, too. (music) Brightest day... darkest night: for us: the future is always in sight. An economic engine, Goddard adds vitality to the regional economy, influencing $4 billion dollars per year of economic stimulation. Educational outreach in science, technology, engineering and mathematics prepares primary students for professional careers at the cutting edge of expertise and earning potential. We lead. Goddard energizes economic growth, propels national capabilities, and charts a course to the high frontier. The future is closer than you think. We'll take you there. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.