Earth Science Week Promo



My father was a biologist and we emigrated from Cuba when I was about three years old. I actually grew up in a lot of countries. I moved every two to three years. I started off as a veterinarian in Spain. I always had a really insatiable curiosity, even when I was a little kid. I remember developing just a very deep appreciation, a love of nature— I was always into the weather. I just loved the weather. Natural disasters and the weather was always fascinating. Seeing a natural phenomenon in our Earth system cause such damage and destruction— Science is not about memorizing facts. It's about asking questions about the universe. What do biologists think about how the way systems work? --How do we use the measurements of this device to get real results to help society? I stand back and I look, where can I help? Because these are super smart people. Where can I help and not get in the way? We do things that no one else does, and that's the exciting part about work. You come to work everyday and you never quite know what it is you're going to be doing, what it is you're going to be discovering. And I think that variety and that fast paced learning environment is what is the best part about working at NASA.