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[ Music ] [ Spanish ] For me, it is as if we were solving a crime. There is evidence that the planet lost its atmosphere, and photographic evidence of rivers that are dry. And there are compound minerals that only exist in the presence of water. So the question is, what happened to the atmosphere of Mars, who is guilty? My name is Carlos Gomez, I'm a systems engineer for the MAVEN project and I'm in charge of the ground communication system for the project. MAVEN is an orbiter that will go to Mars to study how the climate has changed over billions of years. I'm in charge of the system that will send information to the satellite, so that we can tell it what to do, and that will receive information on the health of the instruments, and most importantly the data that it will be collecting from the planet. I work with teams that are spread across the country, so communication is very important. You always have to be talking, knowing what's going on, what's happening that day and what your plans are. MAVEN is the first mission to Mars that NASA Goddard has in its hands. It's exciting but a lot of responsibility. With the responsibility comes the work, long and difficult work, but also the satisfaction of a job well done. Working here is exciting. There is always a test, always a challenge, always something interesting to work on. You could never be bored working here at NASA. What is the most exciting thing about my work? Mars! [ Music fades ] [ Sound effect ]