Transcripts of FLARE_FINAL-H264

Music Music Narrator: This is the supermassive black hole at the center of NGC 4151. The dark object in the middle is the black hole. Surrounding it is a flattened cloud of dust and gas, called an accretion disk. Recently, scientists using the XMM-Newton X-ray satellite showed that a mysterious source of X-ray flares actually lies high above the disk. About half an hour after each flare, the inner accretion disk lights up with an X-ray "echo." The delay is caused by the time it light from the flare to reach the disk. This is first clear measurement of the effect, and demonstrates that the flaring X-ray source lies well above the disk. With flares serving as "flash-bulbs," future X-ray telescope missions will be able to use their echoes to precisely map the environs of distant black holes. Beeping Beeping