Trranscript of Matt Ritsko



Another project on center, a much larger project called the express logistics carrier did a lot of part work where they looked at a lot of different parts and material that were purchased to build their space craft and space craft materials. And essentially they had a lot of left over parts and they developed a system where they were trying to find way ways to have these parts used potentially by other projects. This enabled them, not only, to use their parts more efficiently and to give them to other folks who might need them in the future, but also helped save money. And it seemed to me that this idea could be expanded and it could be taken to the next level Think of a tool shed. Think about going to your house if you’re doing a home improvement project and you need a hammer or a tool to do a given job around your house. You go, use the tool, you hang a picture on a wall and you put your hammer back after you’re done. And it’s there for you to use again. The idea of the lending library that’s being mentioned, is having a place, a physical location somewhere on Goddard where you would have all your tools and materials for the types of efforts that we do here, stored. So if you need it, you go use it borrow it, bring it back and it’s there for somebody else to use. What excites me in the morning is coming in and seeing the different types of people we have from all diverse backgrounds that come together for a common goal. Working at NASA it isn’t just a typical job. I think a lot of folks are very passionate about what they do; they care about the work. And I don’t think that is really dependent on what job you’re doing. You can be a financial person, you can be working in procurement you can be working in media, you can be an engineer or scientist or somebody in management. I think everyone here has a passion for the types of work that we do. The most touching thing through the whole experience is the various people who have just randomly emailed me. First off, hearing from some of the senior leaders in the Agency has been very, very kind. Having them reach out and communicate with me when I know they are busy and have higher priorities means a lot.