Hi, I'm Theresa Schwerin and this year's Earth Science Week theme is "Our Ever-changing Earth," and NASA has got lots to offer on that topic. Here are some of the many activities and resources that will help you teach about our ever-changing Earth. Go to climate.nasa.gov to find the latest information and news about climate change. Here you'll find interactive multimedia that are not just fun but educational, including the Earth in 3-D and Climate Time Machine.


There's also Climate Kids for ages 10 through 12 that answers the big questions about climate using humor, cartoons, simple illustrations, and interactivity. There's also a "For Educators" section that includes tips and tricks for using this website in your classroom.


Students of all ages can do real science through NASA programs like S'COOL. Student Cloud Observations OnLine. Students are taking observations of clouds from the ground, which are then compared with the satellite observations and this is helping scientists to validate the satellite measurements. You can find everything you need to participate in S'COOL by going to their website where you'll find classroom activities, tutorials, and all kinds of resources.


Visit NASA's Earth Science Week 2011 website to find out about all the things going on during Earth Science Week, and be sure to join us on October 12 for a special online event with NASA's Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati, who's also an earth scientist. You and your students can email in questions during this live event.