Transcripts of G2011-071_Ind_Sch_Blind_portal

Music Music[ Natural sound ] Music[ Natural sound ] Ken Silberman: What's going on behind me is a weeklong program with blind and sighted students. The blind students are from the Indiana School for the Blind and the sighted students are from their partner school, Indian Creek Public High School. Their desire to promote STEM careers for the blind brought them to Goddard.[ Natural sound ] [ Natural sound ] Ken: It's different for teaching blind students, primarily in that things have to be done using sound and or tactile presentations of the information. [ Natural sound ] Ken: Blind people are just normal people who can't see, and if you present things in the right manner, you can get the same work production. They can can compete on terms of equality with their sighted peers, both at work and in the community.[ Music, beeping ]