Transcripts of "NPPy With Dan DeVito"

Dan DeVito: NPPy comes from a place called Svalbard which is about 600 miles from the North Pole, and NPPy is the NPP mission mascot. Why a polar bear? Well a polar bear seemed to be appropriate because the NPP mission actually flies in what we call a polar orbit also polar bears are some of the creatures that are most effected by the temperature warming especially the reduction of sea ice in the polar regions so we thought because the NPP mission was to take a look at sea ice, to take a look at the temperature of the ocean, the atmosphere as well as the land it seemed appropriate to pick a polar bear as the NPP mascot. So NPP basically checks the health of the Earth from space. It has all these pins to really commemorate all of the places that he's been and to also show how many locations around the world are involved in mission like NPP. And in fact NPPy has been to every continent in the world. As being a very well traveled bear has learned a lot not only about what the NPP mission does and what it means to people, but really that the Earth is really a small place that we need to makes sure that we understand and that we protect. Follow NPPy along as he explains the NPP mission, the science behind the mission and the Earth and which the NPP mission will observe.