Music Music GLOBE is an international partnership that takes sort of students, scientists, and teachers and puts them all together so that the students will actually learn actual science and help study their environments. First of all, the teachers go through a training situation where they learn all the protocols how to present the information in class, and a protocol is basically a method of doing a piece of science research. We also hope that the participants will get a chance to explore, connections between the different systems of our planet and most importantly get to know each other and have fun. Satellite imagery is connected to all the protocol areas basically it gives you kind of a map or a starting point. We have four main spheres on our planet. We have the atmosphere which is you know the clouds the air all of that. We have the hydrosphere which is all the water bodies of the planet. The pedosphere which is the world's soils, and we also have the biosphere and that's all the living things on the planet. Earth environment is actually a complex system of systems. Each one of these is in of itself a system that's a component of the large overall system. When I work with teachers and sort of shown them the wonderful things that they can do with the satellite data, one of the things that they love is that they come back to their own community and the students come back to their own community, they get to see what a satellite sees. I think one of the things that I love best about GLOBE is that it is so international in scope and I really, really, love when students themselves get to, A, learn about their community, but also share their community, their lives, their culture with students from all over the world. I think that's just magic. Music