Transcripts of Danielle_Wood_2011

Music Music Music My name is Danielle Wood, and I am a doctoral student studying engineering systems at MIT. I am also interning currently at both Goddard Space Flight Center, as well as at NASA Headquarters, working in the Innovative Partnerships Program, interested in how NASA technology that has been spun out into society can be of use to developing countries. I actually spent about nine months traveling literally around the world. I visited countries in Europe, Africa, the MIddle East, and Southeast Asia, and I was learning about the trend among several countries to begin new satellite programs and to train engineers who come from many disciplines. It's exciting to see how they see the process of learning about satellite technology as part of their national development. The longer that I've been involved with NASA programs, the more exciting it is to see all the different roles people can have within NASA. So my initial internships were very focused on particular teams, doing technical goals, Now I'm getting to know people whose job it is to communicate to society the value of investing in NASA research and also connecting strategically how NASA influences the economic activities of our region and our country.