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Music. Music. Music. My name is Alejandro Arambula. I'm a senior at M.I.T. and I'm currently working on the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission. It's a constellation of four satellites that's launching in 2014. Music. Music. Music. My current work involves testing a certain zone of the propulsion system. A lot of the hardware, a lot of the space flight hardware is starting to arrive. So we're doing, receiving inspection on those and then we'll start doing some testing and assembly later into the summer. A lot of university life is really fast-paced and a lot of times you just want to get things done. When I came here, everything is very methodical, very exact. And so even though it's a slower pace, you usually get it right on the first time because there's lots of checks, there's lots of reviews, before you get to the final steps. When students live in their bubble at the university, it's pretty different from a real-life project, and it's good to get a sense of that before we head out there to actually work at real jobs. Music. Music. Music.