Astrogeology Profiles: Jake Bleacher

Narration: Jake Bleacher


Transcripts of I am Goddard - Jake Bleacher silence music My name is Jacob Bleacher. I'm a research scientist at Goddard Space Flight Center I study lava flows, and I study those on the Earth as well as Mars the moon, and basically that lava has flowed in the solar system. So, I a combination of field studies on the Earth, and then remote orbiter data on other planets. One of the things that I'm working on is understanding lava sheet inflation. What this involves is the placement of an extensive sheet of lava that the surface hards at one time, but the interior of the sheet is still liquid. these lavas can then, if they continue to flow, lift up the crust of the lava and some of the places that we've been studying them, like in New Mexico, lava sheets have been inflated 15 to 20 meters high. So, it's pretty impressive to be walking around in the field and come up to a wall of lava. My job with the Desert RATS, the most is the field test. Your doing your science, but you are testing new technologies along the way. To me, that's the great part: the real team enviroment among the scientists and among the engineers, and being able to use your science input to really help drive NASA technology development music beeping