Meet Sabrina Thompson

Narration: Sabrina Thompson


I’m one of those people. I love to learn and I know that if I had a job that I couldn’t continue my learning that would hinder me in some way. And so I think that was one thing that really attracted me to NASA. Just the opportunities to learn, the challenges…. Like, we’re making innovative things here and so for me that’s very important and I’m contributing to the betterment of society. So, that’s definitely a place where you can do that. After I graduated with my Masters, I went six months without a job and you know, had to move back home with my mom. And, you know, my family was kind of worried and even I at times, but I remember having like so much faith that I’m going to be working as NASA. That was a big accomplishment for me. I’m the first in my family actually to receive a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree, and hopefully in the future, a PhD as well. I see myself actually working on space flight, hardware, getting into the lines of actually utilizing my skills as an aerospace and mechanical engineer. I think when a lot of people think of NASA, they think about scientists and engineers, but there are also other people that make NASA what it is. I think it’s important for people to realize that, especially the youth that even if the cards that life deals you doesn’t always come out in your favor for you to pursue your dreams from the start. I hurts me to see people accepting, um…. How am I going to say this word…mediocrity…..mediocrity….. yeah…..