Transcripts of G2011-010 How We See the Sun

music Humans have always wanted to learn about the Sun, but it is dangerous to stare at with just our eyes, so we built structures to help us study it. Aristotle had his camera obscura. Galileo used a telescope to document sun spots. Spectrometers came next, allowing us to study the spectrum of the Sun's light. 100 years later, George Ellery Hale explored the magnetic nature of the Sun with a spectroheliograph. Next, we launched Sky Lab and it gave us our first high-resolutions pictures of the Sun's surface. The YOHKOH spacecraft took x-rays of the Sun. Then, SOHO and Hinode sent us even more incredible images. TRACE delivered the closest ever pictures of the Sun and its magnetic fields. SDO images the Sun in many wave lengths. Now, with STEREO, we see the whole Sun in 3D, never missing an inch. Who knows what we will see next? We will just have to keep looking up... music beeping