Transcripts of mike_mumma_nasacast [silence] [silence] [music] [music] Michael Mumma: My name is Dr. Michael Mumma. I...what group do I work with? That's a good question! I actually am senior scientist in the solar system exploration division. Astrobiology is a term that means everything connected with the origin and evolution of life, here and elsewhere. We actually investigate and develop high-resolution infrared spectrometers to address this very complex question as to how did life arise here on Earth, and could it have arisen elsewhere independently? Probably the most important thing I do is to, uh, work intensely with the younger scientists in my team. These are young people who come here to Goddard, and to the Center for Astrobiology, specifically to be exposed and take part in this very exciting research we're doing in the various areas. So, every day brings something new to us. It's the newness, the continued discovery--rather small ones, large ones, it doesn't really matter, and in my view, it's not work, you see. This is the way we wish to spend our lives in discovery, and this is an opportunity to continue doing that daily. [music] [beeping] [silence] [silence]