Transcripts of joe_nuth_ipod_lg [silence] [silence] [music] Joe Nuth: My name is Joe Nuth. My title is Senior Scientist for Primitive Bodies. I work for the Solar System Exploration Division, and, uh, we basically are tasked with exploring the solar system. The NASA Center for Astrobiology was conceived as the one place to study how organics got made that became the stuff that led to life on Earth. We wanna see what the original stuff was that came down onto the surface of the Earth that may have actually stimulated the origin of life. A lot of this primitive material is in meteorites, it's in comets, so we have missions that we're proposing and are working on. The mission stuff--I wish I had, actually, sort of a clone of me so that I could actually work more times on the missions--uh, spend more time on the mission proposals than I do--and on the mission activities than I do. Finding out what's actually there for the first time is something that's phenomenally exciting. A lot of scientists--not a big surprise--are, uh, highly devoted to their work, which means that some of them had no clue the World Cup was going on, as an example. There are many people here that are very outgoing and personable, that follow the World Cup closely, so, y'know, we're like any other group of people, except a lot more nerdy, I guess. [beeping] [beeping, music] [music] [music]