Transcripts of g_villanueva_nasaportal_open [silence] [silence] [music] [music] I am Geronimo Villanueva I work at NASA as an associate investigator and it has an astrobiology group here at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The Center for Astrobiology is a center that focuses on the study of the origin of life and life on other planets. What I do is study principally astrophysics--how life was on other planets, and principally we focus on, for example, Mars. The first part is to go to place to collect data. In this case, we go to telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere in the Atacama desert in Chile. We go to Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii and make observations. When we collect all the data, what we do is we go to our labs at NASA and do physical and chemical experiments so we can understand what we are measuring. We are looking for the explanation of what we are looking at. One of the great things about NASA that it is a center that has so much technology and very qualified people. NASA allows us to free develop our investigations. We have lots of tools, and it gives us the potential like never before for our investigations. [beeping] [beeping] [silence] [silence]