Know Your Earth



Did you know?

NASA explores space.

Astronaut: "Roger that."

But NASA also studies our home planet.

NASA's Earth observing satellites - Aura, Terra, Aqua, Calipso, Cloudsat, ACRIMSat, ICESat, JASON, Landsat, Quikscat, GRACE - get a global view of our changing world.

Studying air, water, land and ice.

Did you know?

Without an atmosphere, our planet would average a frosty 0°F.

Greenhouse gases act like a blanket, trapping solar energy and keeing the Earth a cozy 60°F on average.

NASA helps us understand how that blanket is changing.

Did you know?

Sea level's gone up over 10 inches since 1870.

NASA satellites show its risen 2 inches in the last 15 years alone.

Did you know?

Over 10,000 fires are burning every day on Earth.

NASA satellites can detect large fires - helping to pinpoint where to send firefighters, and where to plant new trees after.

Did you know?

Greenland loses enough ice to fill 2000 earth movers each minute.

150 billion tons of ice melt each year across Greenland.

NASA satellites measure melting ice.

Did you know?

NASA satellites help us understand our unique and changing planet.

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