Transcripts of G2010-085_LRO-1yrAnniversary-portal

[no audio] [Michael Collins] How is the quality of the tv? [Bruce McCandless] Oh, it's beautiful Mike, it really is. [Collins] Oh, gee, that's great! Is the lighting halfway decent? [McCandless] Yes, indeed. They've got the flag up now and you can see the stars and stripes [Alan Shepard] The rim is still way up there from the looks of things. [Fred Haise] And, Ed and Al, we've already eaten in our 30-minute extension and we're past that now. I think we'd better proceed with the sampling and continue with the EVA. [Edgar Mitchell] Okay, Fredo. [James Irwin] 4000 feet. 40. 41. 45. 47.52. 3000 feet. 52. 52. [beeping]