Title: Spacebook

Narrator and Interviewee: Emma Antunes, Web Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center


I'm Emma Antunes. I work at Goddard Space Flight Center and I'm the Web Manager for the Center.

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Emma: We've got scientist and engineers who are working together to really pioneer the future. And it's when they talk to each other, they really share what they're working on, that's when we get an innovation. And Spacebook is really about participation from the inside. How do we get participation and collaboration among all of our employees, our contractors, our University partners, so they can really get their work done?

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Emma: At NASA, most of our work is done by teams. Some projects are big projects, like the Hubble Space Telescope. Some projets are very small. There might be just a few people. And when they form, they need a very quick and easy way to get their work done. A way to share information. A quick way to communicate amongst the team and to know what's going on. And so, with a click of a mouse you have things like a WIKI, discussion forum. You have a way for everybody to share files and to be able to collaborate and very quickly get started on something.

...So let's create a group. All you have to do is click on the "Create a Group" button.

Emma: And if you have something at a click of the mouse, you can create a group, you can get started, you can invite the people who need to participate. You can get a lot of your work done.

Emma: It really breaks down organizational barriers. Using social media, using Spacebook, is very easy for anyone, regardless of age, because really it's based around what's in it for you. How can you use this to get your job done? Find equipment that you might need. Get rid of junk in your office.

Emma: Strengthening the relationships between our communities, our people, internally and externally, and the power of many eyes really is something that helps us get further along.