Title: Inside HubbleÕs Control Room During A Spacewalk


TRT: 1:10


Synopsys: This short video shows the excitement of working in the Hubble Control Room during a spacewalk.


Keywords: HST, Hubble, HST SM4




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Keith Walyus, Operations Manager, HST SM4: The STOCC is the Space Operations Control Center. In the STOCC is where we control Hubble.


Working in the STOCC during the spacewalk is an interesting experience. Today for example the change of this camera; this is the prime science instrument that we are going to be using and weÕve been waiting for seven years to do this. So we are watching there, itÕs fantastic to see so when it got changed, a huge cheer erupted from the control center.


However having said that we also have a job to do. So we have one eye watching whatÕs going onÉyou also have to make sure that we are watching the telescope; is everything fine with the telescope.


When they get done changing out this instrument, we have to be ready to send our commands and make sure that we are going to be able to check out this instrument both on a aliveness test and a functional test so itÕs a mixed feeling. One feeling is Ôyeah, letÕs watch it, it is great, and the other is; we got a job and we got to be ready for it when they get doneÕ.