Transcript for “Up to the Challenge”



Steve: We're on a search for science communicators.  A person who is adept at all the skills scientists use, but can also communicate to the general public what science and technology is doing.  We chose NASA, we were excited in helping celebrate the 50th anniversary of that fine organization. 

Paul: There's two aspects.  There's the critical thinking part, to try to use the scientific method to come up with a solution.  And then, more importantly, there's communicating that solution, both to each other, and then to the flight director, and then up to the crew, in written and drawn procedures.

Russ: We have the privilege of passing on information that we've been through to help out students. That's why we do it.


Marci: So the students' challenge is to try and determine what it would be like for the astronaut to be in one-sixth gravity.  They have to figure out the math, dealing with the weight, the counterbalance system, the pulley system.  We got to bring in about the science that's happening and why we're returning to the moon with NASA and why we train individuals on simulations of one-sixth gravity.

Peter: It's really interesting for me.  I've never been anywhere, anywhere like this.  This is the first time I've been in a place where they build satellites and test satellites.

Avni: It seems so unreal--surreal--to be able to see all this. Like the chief scientist was working with us on the Martian one.

Melissa: We get to simulate repairing a panel on the Hubble telescope, and that was really cool because astronauts have done it before, and they're going to continue doing it.  It was real hands on and real life, so I thought that was a lot of fun.


Paul: If we don't plant these seeds now, when they're younger, they may not realize how exciting and fun a job in science and technology is. 

Steve: These children are, for their age, are experts in practicing the skills that all scientists use, no matter the discipline.

So I'm going to use my head, as in literally.

I'm going to take a flat surface, and scrape...

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