Going Back to the Moon

Narration: Michael Starobin


Narrator: On December 17th, 1972, Apollo 17 left the moon. Almost 36 years later, NASA is going back. Are you? I'm going.

Person 1: I'm going back.

Person 2: Yo tambiƩn. ("Me too" in Spanish)

Person 3: I'm going.

Person 4: I'm going.

Group: We're going.

Person 5: I'll be there.

Person 6: I'm going back.

Person 7: And so am I.

Person 8: I'm going.

Person 9: Try and stop me.

Person 10: Wouldn't miss it.

Person 11: I'm going. Are you?

Person 12: Sure, where do I sign up?

Narrator: I'm going.