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For complete transcript, click  here .   10028   OIB: McMurdo Accomplished, West Antarctic Calling
The Bermuda High pressure system sits over the Atlantic during summer.   This  visualization first shows a typical Bermuda High system.  Then, it  expands the Bermuda High to show what happened in the summer of 2004 and 2005.   10069   Bermuda High
Sunspots are associated with active regions which can launch coronal mass ejections.   10073   MDI Sunspots
Consistency counts when collecting scientific data. With global ice inventories in a profound state of change, it’s essential to maintain regular measurements of ice at the poles. NASA’s ICESat satellite amassed a substantial body of data, but after that mission ended, researchers needed to insure data continuity until ICESat II launches in a few years. To bridge the data gap, they set specialized teams aloft in research aircraft. That mission is called IceBridge.   For complete transcript, click  here .   10081   Operation IceBridge Antarctic 2014
A simulation of two colliding galaxies (left) shows how their coalescing supermassive black holes can launch the resulting larger black hole (dot, lower left) on a wide orbit. Right: Compare the simulation with this Keck II near-infrared image of Markarian 177 and SDSS1133 (lower left).   Credit: Simulation, L. Blecha (UMD); image, W. M. Keck Observatory/M. Koss (ETH Zurich) et al.   10082   Swift Probes Exotic Object: 'Kicked' Black Hole or Mega Star?
For complete transcript, click  here .   10083   Instagram: Hurricane Sandy Anniversary
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