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Reconnection: Solar Wind Breaches the Earth's Magnetic Shield

The Far Ultraviolet camera aboard the IMAGE spacecraft captured this view of a proton aurora (the bright spot near the center of the view) as well as the ring of the electron aurora. The protons for this aurora came from the incoming solar wind. They made it though the Earth's magnetic shield in a magnetic reconnection event higher in the magnetosphere which was detected by the Cluster satellite. Note: A 'corner' appears in the data in the beginning as the IMAGE spacecraft moves into a position where it can view the entire north polar region.

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Visualization Credits

Tom Bridgman (GST): Lead Animator
Harald Frey (University of California at Berkeley): Scientist
Tai Phan (University of California at Berkeley): Scientist
William Steigerwald (NASA/GSFC): Writer
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

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Data Used:
2000-09-18T01:29:00 - 2000-09-18T09:28:48
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Proton Aurora

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