International Campaign Observes
Significant Arctic Ozone Loss

CFC Destruction Ozone Destruction UV Absorption
CFC Destruction Ozone Destruction UV Absorption
Vortex Arctic Low Polar Stratospheric Clouds
Polar Vortex Arctic Low Cold Clouds
  SOLVE Deployment Map  
  SOLVE Deployment Map  

Images: CFC Destruction JPG (9 K)
High Resolution CFC Destruction TIF (223 K)

Ozone Destruction JPG (9 K)
High Resolution Ozone Destruction TIF (223 K)

UV Absorption JPG (8 K)
High Resolution UV Absorption TIF (223 K)

Small Polar Vortex JPG (10 K)
Polar Vortex JPG (44 K)
High Resolution Polar Vortex TIF (455 K)

Arctic Ozone Low JPG (29 K)
Arctic Ozone Low JPG (72 K)

Small Solve Map JPG (4 K)
Solve Map JPG (18 K)
Large Solve Map JPG (52 K)
High Resolution Solve Map TIF (1.2 Mb)

Small Cold Clouds JPG (4 K)
Cold Clouds JPG (22 K)
Large Cold Clouds JPG (53 K)

Movies: CFC Destruction Movie (3 Mb)
Ozone Destruction Movie (5 Mb)
UV Absorption Movie (2 Mb)
Polar Vortex Movie (4 Mb)

This multimedia project is the work of a dedicated team of researchers, animators, and media specialists. A companion video to this web site is available from NASA-TV. Below are a list of agencies, departments, and researchers who provided expertise and data for this production:

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Newman/Atmospheric Physicist, SOLVE Project Scientist

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NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Scientific Visualization Studio
Television Production NASA-TV/GSFC

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