Deforestation in Bolivia (1975 - 1996)

Bolivia in 1975
Bolivia in 1984
Bolivia in 1996

The Landsat series of spacecraft has been imaging the earth since 1972. This animation depicts a time series showing displacement of a tropical dry forest with agricultural fields in Bolivia near Santa Cruz between 1975 to 1996. The channels used in this animation are visible, infrared and near infrared. The green leaves in a deciduous forest are highly reflective in the IR channel and appear bright red in the beginning of this animation. The light blue color signifies the development of roads and agricultural fields.


1975 High resolution TIFF (462 k)
1984 High resolution TIFF (463 k)
1996 High resolution TIFF (464 k)


QuickTime movie (4.1 M)

LANDSAT Investigator: Dr. Compton Tucker
Code: 923, Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics, Biospheric Sciences Branch