Portland and Washington DC Sprawl Effects

Portland Beaverton Portland Vancouver
Washington DC West Washington DC
JPG(30 K)
Portland/Beaverton JPG(120 K)
Portland/Beaverton TIF(16 MB)
JPG(30 K)
Portland/Vancouver Medium Resolution JPG(120 K)
Portland/Vancouver TIF(16 MB)
Washington DC JPG(150 K)
Washington DC TIF(16 MB)
West Washington DC JPG(150 K)
West Washington DC TIF(16 MB)
Portland/Beaverton Growth (2.6 MB)
Portland/Vancouver Growth (2.6 MB)
Washington DC Growth (2.6 MB)
West Washington DC Growth (2.6 MB)

This multimedia project is the work of a dedicated team of researchers, animators, and media specialists. A companion video to this web site is available from NASA-TV. Below are a list of agencies, departments, and researchers who provided expertise and data for this production:
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Scientific Visualization Studio
Television Production NASA-TV/GSFC

    The following researchers provided source data for each attributed story:
  • Atlanta Heat Island -- Dale Quattrochi, Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Portland & Washington Urban Growth -- Jeffrey G. Masek, University of Maryland
  • ATLAS thermal data -Burgess Howell, Global Hydrology and Climate Center
  • Convection/Cloud data - Bob Bornstein & Qinglu Lin
  • land use data - Chor-pang Lo, Univ. of GA
  • Shenzhen Growth -- Karen C. Seto, Boston University
  • Urban Sprawl and Photosynthesis -- Marc L. Imhoff, Goddard Space Flight Center
Content Preparation and Project Production-Michael Starobin/GSFC