Shenzhen, China Sprawl Effects

Shenzhen, China 1988 Shenzhen, China 1996
True Color
LandSat Image
False Color
LandSat Image
True Color Shenzhen, China Spreading Urbanization (4.6 MB)
False Color(432) Shenzhen, China Spreading Urbanization (4.5 MB)

This multimedia project is the work of a dedicated team of researchers, animators, and media specialists. A companion video to this web site is available from NASA-TV. Below are a list of agencies, departments, and researchers who provided expertise and data for this production:
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Scientific Visualization Studio
Television Production NASA-TV/GSFC

    The following researchers provided source data for each attributed story:
  • Atlanta Heat Island -- Dale Quattrochi, Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Portland & Washington Urban Growth -- Jeffrey G. Masek, University of Maryland
  • ATLAS thermal data -Burgess Howell, Global Hydrology and Climate Center
  • Convection/Cloud data - Bob Bornstein & Qinglu Lin
  • land use data - Chor-pang Lo, Univ. of GA
  • Shenzhen Growth -- Karen C. Seto, Boston University
  • Urban Sprawl and Photosynthesis -- Marc L. Imhoff, Goddard Space Flight Center
Content Preparation and Project Production-Michael Starobin/GSFC