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Goddard TV Video Tape: G2013-066 -- Fermi Five Year Anniversary



The Fermi LAT 60-month image, constructed from front-converting gamma rays with energies greater than 1 GeV. The most prominent feature is the bright band of diffuse glow along the map's center, which marks the central plane of our Milky Way galaxy. The gamma rays are mostly produced when energetic particles accelerated in the shock waves of supernova remnants collide with gas atoms and even light between the stars.  Hammer projection.   Image credit: NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration Fermi's Five-year View of the Gamma-ray Sky
Short video containing highlights from Fermi's first 5 years of operation.      Watch this video on the  NASAexplorer YouTube channel.     For complete transcript, click  here . Highlights of Fermi's First Five Years