Sun  ID: 13422

A New Kind of Explosion on the Sun

In the scorching upper reaches of the Sun’s atmosphere, the corona, scientists have just seen a new type of magnetic explosion. Known as forced or controlled magnetic reconnection, this process occurs when a nearby eruption causes tangled magnetic field lines to explosively snap and realign, flinging out particles and energy. The discovery may help scientists understand a key mystery about the Sun’s atmosphere.



Abhishek Srivastava (Indian Institute of Technology): Scientist
Genna Duberstein (USRA): Lead Producer
Mara Johnson-Groh (Wyle Information Systems): Lead Writer
Tom Bridgman (Global Science and Technology, Inc.): Lead Visualizer
Chris Smith (USRA): Narrator
Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET Systems, Inc.): Technical Support
Genna Duberstein (ADNET Systems, Inc.): Producer
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