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JPSS Multi Mission Concept of Operations

NOAA has partnered with NASA to implement the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS). The JPSS Program constitutes the next series of U.S. civilian polar orbiting environmental remote sensing satellites and sensors that have been flown historically on polar satellites. These satellites will implement NOAA’s requirements for collection of global multi-spectral radiometry and other specialized meteorological and oceanographic data, via remote sensing of land, sea, and the atmosphere. These data will support NOAA’s mission for continuous observations of the Earth’s environment necessary to understand and predict changes in weather, climate, oceans and coasts, which support the Nation’s economy, and protect lives and property. The JPSS-1 through JPSS-4 satellite series provides operational continuity of satellite-based observations and products from NOAA’s POES and S-NPP satellites.

The JPSS Program includes:
• A Flight Segment including the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP), JPSS-1, and JPSS-2/3/4 satellites and launch vehicles;
• A Ground Segment consisting of ground station assets, networks, command, control, communications, product generation and distribution, and facilities; and
• All science-related activity, including algorithm development and maintenance, and instrument and data product calibration and validation.

The JPSS Multi-Mission System supplements other largely independent programs/systems whose data products and services are interconnected via the JPSS Ground Segment to increase across-the-board capabilities. In this synergistic way, JPSS satisfies NOAA requirements by utilizing both domestic and international partner assets, including, but not limited to, EUMETSAT’s Metop and EPS-SG satellites, and JAXA’s GCOM satellites.

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