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United States Precipitation Anomalies: 1900-1988

Global land precipitation has increased during the 20th century, especially at the mid and high latitudes, according to a paper published in the November 1997 issue of the Journal of Climate. The paper, written by scientists Drs. Inez Fung, Anthony Del Genio, and Aiguo Dai, is based on a recalibrated compilation and analysis of data from 1900-1988 and confirms previous speculation that land precipitation is increasing. The new research shows a global land trend of a 2.4 mm per decade increase in annual precipitation amounts. Multiplied by almost nine decades, this means that there is about 22 mm more rain falling now each year than there was at the turn of the century — rainfall as a global mean has risen by slightly more than two percent.

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Visualization Credits

Horace Mitchell (NASA/GSFC): Lead Animator
Aiguo Dai (NCAR): Scientist
Inez Fung (NASA/GSFC GISS): Scientist
Anthony DelGenio (NASA/GSFC GISS): Scientist
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Science Paper:
A. Dai, I. Fung, A. D. DelGenio, Surface observed global land precipitation variations during 1900-1988, J. Climate, 10, 2943-2962, 1997

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Data Used:
Observed Land Surface Precipitation also referred to as: Precipitation Anomaly
Analysis - 1900-1988
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