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Hubble Trivia

The Hubble Space Telescope has been answering questions about the universe for over 30 years.

Now it’s your turn to answer some questions about Hubble! Hubble Trivia is a miniseries featuring some frequently asked questions and surprising facts about the famous space telescope.

See if you can answer each trivia question before the answer is revealed!



James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Director
James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Editor
James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Producer
James Ball (Origin Films): Director of Photography
Matthew Duncan (Origin Films): Additional Photography, Coloring & Mix
Alex Jennings (Origin Films): Sound Recordist
Lucy Lund (Origin Films): Production & Edit Assistant
Martin Kornmesser (ESA): Visualizer
Lynn Bassford (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company): Support
Maureen Disharoon (ASRC Federal System Solutions): Support
James Jeletic (NASA/GSFC): Support
Jeannine Kashif (ASRC Federal System Solutions): Support
Erin Kisliuk (TRAX International): Support
Paul R. Morris (USRA): Support
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center