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NASA Releases Global Temperatures for First Half Of 2016

The last two years broke former global temperature records, so all eyes are on 2016. Compared to the 135-year-old modern temperature record – the first five months of 2016 were the warmest ever measured for each respective month.

On Tuesday July 19, NASA released its updated global temperature analysis for 2016. The data provides strong insights regarding long-term climate change.

With striking evidence of long-term climate change, NASA scientists are conducting major field research campaigns – flying over melting Arctic sea ice and taking measurements on the ground – to better understand the processes behind and impacts of a warming planet. Our planet is changing, and NASA is on it.

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Suggested questions:

1. NASA just released new temperature data, what can you tell us about the first half of 2016?

2. What are the impacts of this heat?

3. So NASA scientists are in the Arctic right now, how are they observing these changes?

4. How does this science help us plan for the future?

5. Where can we learn more?


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