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Summer 2014 Interns

All the videos of Goddard's summer 2014 interns can be found below.



Katrina Jackson (ARTS): Video Editor
Angel Mills (NASA/GSFC): Video Editor
Alecia Goldstein (Intern): Interviewee
Colin Latimer (Intern): Interviewee
Sarah Roth (Intern): Interviewee
Nora Shipp (Intern): Interviewee
Lisa Wu (Intern): Interviewee
Casey Beall (Intern): Interviewee
Rochelle Mellish (Intern): Interviewee
Shannon Gravette (Intern): Interviewee
Joe Serigano (Intern): Interviewee
Rai Munoz (Intern): Interviewee
James Marshall (Intern): Interviewee
Dhanesh Krishnarao (Intern): Interviewee
Jorel Torres (Intern): Interviewee
Qi'Anne Knox (Intern): Interviewee
Katrina Jackson (ARTS): Narrator
Angel Mills (NASA/GSFC): Narrator
Katrina Jackson (ARTS): Producer
Angel Mills (NASA/GSFC): Producer
Max Gleber (NASA/GSFC): Producer
Izumi Hansen (Intern): Producer
Kristen Basham (NASA/GSFC): Producer
Rob Andreoli (AIMM): Videographer
Katrina Jackson (ARTS): Videographer
John Caldwell (AIMM): Videographer
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Goddard TV Tapes:
G2014-050 -- Summer 2014 Interns First Day
G2014-058 -- Intern Recruitment

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