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Across The Universe

The NASA Visualization Explorer app is broadening its scope to highlight the astonishing findings and features of the universe beamed back to our planet from NASA's entire fleet of satellites, spacecraft and space telescopes. Expect to see more fascinating views of the sun and planets, along with stunning shots of distant galaxies and star clusters located light-years away, such as the one above captured by the legendary Hubble Space Telescope. Look forward to even more world premiere visualizations and animations, including never-before-seen footage of Earth, as NASA continues to explore our home planet and beyond. Excited? We are too! Check out the media gallery below for a sneak peek at what's to come.

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Scott Wiessinger (USRA)

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Patrick Lynch (Wyle Information Systems)
Kayvon Sharghi (USRA)

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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Image of James Webb Space Telescope mirrors courtesy of NASA/MSFC/David Higginbotham

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