STEREO in stereo: Spring 2007 at 284 Ångstroms

  • Released Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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With the 10th Anniversary of the launch of the STEREO mission, two spacecraft orbiting the Sun to study space weather from multiple vantage points, it seemed a good time to revisit some older STEREO visualizations and update them to the newer display technologies.

For each movie, we have combined 1K and 2K images from the STEREO spacecraft to maximize the continuity.

The images between left and right eye have a 10 arcsecond offset from the image center. This has worked well in our stereo experiments for a variety of display sizes from 18 to 80 inches.

Note on making color stereo movies: Left and Right eye frame sequenences under this animation are available for those who have the technology and want to encode color stereo movies for the variety of display technologies available. A word of caution. In generating these products, there was the goal of making a complete stereo product but also provide as complete a data run for each spacecraft. Many frames for one eye do not necessarily have a matching stereo frame for the other. If there are matching frame numbers between the left and right eye, they should make the appropriate stereo pair, but this screening was done manually and errors may exist. Please notify us if you encounter them.


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