A Comparative View of the Sun: SDO/AIA 193 and STEREO-B/EUVI 195

  • Released Wednesday, March 24, 2010
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This movie compares the spatial and temporal resolutions of the SDO/AIA (Atmospheric Imaging Assembly) imager to the STEREO/EUVI (Extreme UltraViolet Imager) imager. STEREO-B/EUVI's highest resolution is 2048x2048 pixels with images taken about every 5 minutes for the 195 Ångstrom band. The SDO/AIA 193 band takes images at 4096x4096 pixels every twelve seconds!

While STEREO's vantage point at this time is very different from SDO, we can still identify some features of the Active Region 1087 in these two views. EUVI shows the launch of the filament, while AIA reveals many finer details.

This visualization is a companion piece to A Comparative View of the Sun: SDO/AIA 193 and SOHO/EIT 195.


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