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Lunar Prospector Hydrogen Concentration - South Pole

In 1998 NASA's Lunar Prospector mission used the presence of hydrogen as a sign of potential ice deposits. As you can see in this video, Prospector data showed significantly more hydrogen at the south pole of the moon (areas colored blue). Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will build on this data and narrow down the regions that may contain water ice deposits.

Visualization Credits

Ernie Wright (UMBC): Lead Animator
Alex Kekesi (GST): Animator
Andrew Freeberg (NASA/GSFC): Producer
Noah Petro (ORAU): Scientist
Andrew Freeberg (NASA/GSFC): Writer
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

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LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)

Data Used:
Lunar Prospector/Neutron Spectrometer
December 2001
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