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Anatomy of Hurricane Isabel

This visualization shows several data sets from Hurricane Isabel. Sea surface temperature (SST) as seen by Aqua/AMSR-E is represented by the colors in the ocean. Red and yellow are waters above 82 degrees Fahrenheit which is favorable for hurricane formation. Sea surface winds as seen by QuikSCAT are represented by the arrows over the SSTs. Internal rain structure as seen by TRMM/PR is represented by the semi-transparent surfaces close to the ocean surface. Isabel's wam hurricane core as seen by GOES/AMSU is represented by the ellipsoid shapes above the rain structure. This visualizaiton was intended as a proof of concept; but has been released due to its popularity.

Visualization Credits

Greg Shirah (NASA/GSFC): Lead Animator
Lori Perkins (NASA/GSFC): Animator
Jeff Halverson (JCET UMBC): Scientist
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

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Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission - TRMM

Data Used:
2003/09/10T20:57Z, 2003/09/14T22:35Z
SeaWinds is a scanning dual pencil-beam Ku-band scatterometer.
2003/09/10 and 2003/09/15
2003/09/10T10:12Z and 2003/09/14T23:09Z
Aqua/AMSR-E/Sea Surface Temperature
Aqua/MODIS/Blue Marble
The Blue Marble data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC).
Terra/MODIS/Blue Marble
The Blue Marble data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC).
Note: While we identify the data sets used in these visualizations, we do not store any further details nor the data sets themselves on our site.

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Hurricane Isabel

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