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West Africa Dust Storms

On the Coast of West Africa, dust storms are a common occurrance, if you take a look at this one, its about the size of Spain. SeaWIFS returned this dramatic close-up view of a vast, developing cloud of Saharan desert dust blowing from northwest Africa a thousand miles or more out over the Atlantic Ocean. Aerosol particles larger than about 1 micrometer in size are produced by windblown dust and other sources. After formation, the aerosols are mixed and transported by atmospheric motions and are primarily removed by cloud and precipitation processes. From space-based vantage points, other satellite images have also revealed storms that transport massive quantities of fine sand and dust across Earth's oceans.

Visualization Credits

Stuart A. Snodgrass (GST): Lead Animator
Gene Feldman (NASA/GSFC): Scientist
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, The SeaWiFS Project and GeoEye, Scientific Visualization Studio. NOTE: All SeaWiFS images and data presented on this web site are for research and educational use only. All commercial use of SeaWiFS data must be coordinated with GeoEye (NOTE: In January 2013, DigitalGlobe and GeoEye combined to become DigitalGlobe).

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Data Used:
SeaStar/SeaWiFS 2000/02/26
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SeaWiFS Dust Storm

Goddard TV Tapes:
G2008-047 -- Glory Resource Reel

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