DAVINCI Drop Testing at UTTR

  • Released Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The DAVINCI Project is led by NASA GSFC with primary partners at Lockheed Martin as well as from NASA’s JPL, JHU’s APL, Malin Space Science Systems, NASA’s LaRC, NASA ARC, University of Michigan, and Kinetx.

The PI, Deputy PI’s and Program management team are at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The artwork shown here was developed for the DAVINCI team by CI Labs and the SVS. Special data analysis by the PI and Project Science team led by Dr. Jim Garvin, Dr. Stephanie Getty, and Dr. Giada Areny with Dr. Natasha Johnson and Dr. Erika Kohler is included. NASA Langley (LaRC) partners include Dr. S. Dutta and his team who developed the probe aerodynamic drop test experiment for the DAVINCI project.

Narration is by Dr. Jim Garvin, PI for the DAVINCI mission to Venus.

The DAVINCI Project acknowledges the continuing support of NASA’s Discovery Program, with DAVINCI Program Executive Andrea Riley and Program scientist Nick Lang, and Mission Manager Kevin Sykes.

Music is "Great Secrets" by Thomas Alexander Farnon of Universal Production Music.

DAVINCI’s epic journey through Venus’ atmosphere and down to the surface was simulated in a free-fall drop test from the UTTR in Utah to showcase how descent imaging can be used to make topographic maps at high resolution under the clouds, as will be accomplished for Venus by the DAVINCI Probe in the Alpha Regio mountains in the early 2030s.


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