52 Years and Counting - NASA Celebrates our Home Planet on Earth Day Live Shots

  • Released Friday, April 15, 2022

Quick link to associated B-ROLL for the live shotsClick here for more about how NASA is marking EARTH DAYQuick link to canned interview in Spanish with Santiago Gassó / NASA Earth ScientistQuick link to canned interview in English with Lesley Ott/ NASA Earth Scientist

Quick link to associated B-ROLL for the live shots

Click here for more about how NASA is marking EARTH DAY

Quick link to canned interview in Spanish with Santiago Gassó / NASA Earth Scientist

Quick link to canned interview in English with Lesley Ott/ NASA Earth Scientist

Since the launch of NASA’s first satellite, Explorer 1, in 1958, we’ve been using satellites to learn about our incredible home planet. To some, NASA means rockets and space exploration, but a huge part of NASA’s mission is observing and learning about our Earth - THE only planet that we know of that supports life. NASA and its partners maintain fleets of satellites devoted to studying our planet, such as the Landsat and GOES systems. Observing Earth from space over the decades allows scientists to track even subtle changes in land masses, sea levels and our climate. Together, the data from satellites and ground-based missions help inform weather predictions and improve crop planting.

Join a NASA expert on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, to celebrate our little home in the cosmos.

Live interviews will be offered on Friday, April 22, from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
Interviews will be scheduled in 9-minute slots

Click here to request an interview: https://forms.gle/DmsasE1Qk93GFq7R9

HD Satellite Coordinates for G17-K18/Upper:
Galaxy 17 Ku-band Xp 18 Slot Upper| 91.0 ° W Longitude | DL 12069.00 MHz | Vertical Polarity | QPSK/DVB-S | FEC ¾ | SR 13.235 Mbps | DR 18.2954 MHz | HD 720p | Format MPEG2 | Chroma Level 4:2:0 | Audio Embedded

Requests sent via the above form will have scheduling priority. We cannot guarantee a slot if the request is emailed.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests for a specific expert. If we cannot fit your request we will offer alternatives.

Suggested Anchor Intro:
When you think of NASA, you might think of the future of space exploration, but today NASA is celebrating the planet under our feet and in our hearts – Earth! NASA has a whole fleet of missions looking down at Earth to help us learn more about it. Here to celebrate Earth Day with us is NASA expert XX.

Suggested Questions:
When most people think of NASA, they might think of space exploration. What is NASA’s connection to Earth Day?
Today is the 52nd Earth Day! What’s been going on here on Earth? What has NASA observed over the last five decades?
How does all of this Earth-science-related work NASA does impact, say, our community here in the (Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast) (This is where we can tailor the answer to be region-specific like fires data, hurricanes, droughts, etc)
I understand NASA has a number of Earth science missions this year. Is there one you’re most excited about?
Where can people learn more about NASA’s Earth Day activities?

Questions? Contact jessica.sansarran@nasa.gov

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Cut b-roll for the live shots. Video clips (no audio) are separated by a slate with the questions on it. TRT 3:34

Canned inteview with Dr. Lesley Ott / NASA Earth Scientist. SOTS are separated by slates with the question on it. Full transcript is available under the download button.

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